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 I was in an airplane with my dad. Both of us were parachuting. we were up very high. We jumped and I remember saying I have done this before.    This is what the Lord told me:    The sky represents Heaven and my dad represents God the Father. The time we are living in; the kingdom age, we will take leaps of faith and we will get what we ask for. This is an accelerated time and age we are living in. Just as in the Lord’s prayer; “Thy kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.”   The Lord be with you Al Klein ©2018  


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   A farmer who used to work with dad on his farm in a partnership was talking with me. He said we should take my car to Thiensville, WI to look at Harley Davidson motorcycles. It was only a short drive to get there.  This is what the Lord told me:    My dad’s farm is the kingdom of God. The man in partnership with dad is the believers working for the Lord. I represent the righteous and my car represents the path the righteous is on. The interesting part of this dream is a long time ago I went to this dealership hoping to buy a new Harley Davidson motorcycle. This is a luxury item. I was not able …


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   I was on Dad’s farm. We needed some help with our walk with the Lord. Moses and the children of Israel were very eager to help. Later my cousin who was a new believer was climbing a ladder to a silo. It was an extension ladder. He would climb as far as he could go, pull up the ladder and climb some more. I stood at the base of the ladder observing.    This is what the Lord told me:    Moses and the Children of Israel represent the start of our walk with the Lord. The law of Moses is the way the Lord wanted us to live and the knowledge of sin, and the children of Israel …


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        I saw golden rain falling over everyone who wanted to receive.  Not only did this rain bring healing but it brought restoration of all things the enemy has stolen from our lives.  Every area was touched; mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, relation-ally.  I saw families brought together and restored.  People left mental hospitals fully restored in their senses.  Those in wheelchairs had legs strengthened or new ones grew out.  I saw pastors give new revelation to their congregations and were amazed at what came out of their mouth. Finances grew.  Multiplication happened.  Food bank shelves filled up.  Empty refrigerators became fully stocked.  I saw food trucks delivering to remote areas.  Suddenly what was being unloaded was twice what the truck …

Don’t Shoot

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 I was in place were there was myself and another person. Both of us were in the Army. Both of us had camouflage uniforms on. The other man had a gun and was trying to shoot me. I ran to a car with the windows rolled up. He pointed his weapon at me to shoot. I thought it was either myself or him so I pointed my rifle at him and shot out my window and I saw him fall over. When he did his hands were instantly bound. I became afraid because it looked like I shot him for no good reason.    This is what the Lord told me:    Both of us were in the same army …