You are what you eat

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I was in a place where there was a bottle of water where there were dangerous chemicals around it. I thought this was a bad idea. In another part of the dream my sister was eating some stew and it didn’t taste right. She became sick. I smelled the food and it was tainted. An investigation was launched. I was in another place that was like a drive-in. You could park, eat and have fellowship.    This is what the Lord told me:    The bottle of water is the living word of God. The chemicals around it represent the poison of the devil in the world. The stew meat my sister or (the woman) was eating is the church …

4/30/2018 Don’t Let it Get Away

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A rat was caught in a trap. He ate some white poison and was in excruciating pain. I felt sorry for it and another person let it go. This is what the Lord told me: The rat is none other than the devil. The white poison is the word of God against the devil. The flip type trap is binding the devil. The person letting the devil go is the flesh. The day before I had this dream I had a dispute with my wife and rather than binding the devil and using the word of God to control my flesh; I let it out. I felt sorry for myself. Take dominion over the devil and the flesh.  

Greater Anointing

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I saw a host of angels being sent from heaven to assist us.  They brought everything we were going to need for the assignments the Lord has for us.  The Glory of God made them glow.  It was almost so bright you couldn’t look at these angels very long.  What a contrast from the green on earth.  There were groups that landed in each of our yards.  As they landed, I felt a surge of the anointing.  You could tell they had come from the presence of God.  After this I noticed a difference in hearing what I needed to do next.  I heard the Lord say, “Keep expecting answers.  Some have been held up by the enemy and angels …

4/27/2018 It’s Here Already

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We were traveling to an outpost light years away. What seemed like should take a lifetime only took a little while to get there. This is what the Lord told me: We are living in an accelerated time. The outpost in outer space is the heavens. Heaven is being saturated with the prayers of the saints. We are living in a time when it seems like events would take a long time will be acted on very quickly by the Lord. Be encouraged.

4/27/2018 Have Some Fun

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  I was in a large building with some co-workers performing our jobs. We all had portable radios. Once work was done we could do whatever we wanted. When the work was completed we went upstairs. There was cars and racing. I was outside with a lady. We were looking over the landscape. I was looking for the Parnell Tower. This tower is less than 2 miles from my dad’s farm. This is what the Lord told me: We were all working in this life for the Lord as we all had communication with God. The radios represent our reading the word, prayers to God, and fellowship with one another. In our life there must be time to relax, rest …