09.03.17 Break forth into your destiny

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A caterpillar struggles within its cocoon to break forth into the new creation of a butterfly – a thing of beauty.  The struggle is necessary to enable it to break free.  So it is with My Kingdom children.  There is struggling – desperation – and trials in order to bring you forth into what I have created you to be.  You will break forth into your destiny at the time I have set for you.  Wait on Me, ask of Me.  I AM your Father who directs you into your destiny.  I have orchestrated all that is coming your way.  The plans for your life are driven by My great Love.

9/12/2017 Who’s the Driver?

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I was with my relatives and family members. Some of the ladies there were farmer’s wives. We all got on a bus. I was thinking about being the driver. One of my uncles was going to drive the bus otherwise. Everyone was given a bag with a gallon of diesel fuel in it. The container had a canvas exterior. The bus had a fuel leak and was being fixed before we left. This is what the Lord told me: The bus I was riding on with my family was the path we are on with our loved ones. The ladies represent the children of God working on the farm. The farm represents the harvest of God in His kingdom. My …

A Soul Winner

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I was in a beautiful country scene. There were rolling hills and houses there. It looked heavenly. I saw a deer to the right of me. It was getting close to where I was hunting. I grabbed my rifle and shot the deer. It ended up in a garage. A policeman was there looking over the deer. I stood at a distance and did not go to get it. This is what the Lord told me: The heavenly scene is Heaven. The deer represents the souls God wants to bring into the kingdom of Heaven; the harvest. I represent the soul winner in Christ. The deer is the trophy; the soul needing salvation. The policeman is the law looking over …

Conference webinar 09.12.17

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  Greetings from Southern France. I’m here with some special friends from Switzerland along with Pastor Greg and Marie Violi. Our intent for tonight was a special interview with Pastor Greg Violi, unfortunately the internet speed here did not allow us to live stream video or upload a video file. As a result I asked my dear friend Chuck Witzel to host the call for us tonight. Next week and the following week we will have interviews with Pastor Greg Violi. If you’ve yet to hear Chuck Witzel you’re in for a treat as he’s always a blessing. Chuck spends hours everyday in prayer and lives under a very open heaven. Many of our ministry partners attend his online church every …

08.20.17 Trip to the Mountain

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Trip to the Mountain Max walked up to me and as in the past said,”Good evening, Ms. Dianna.  I have been sent to take you up to the mountain.  We haven’t been this way in years.”  I agreed it had been too long and we started our trek.  It never takes long with Max.  We were quickly standing in front of the great Mr.Eagle, who guards this area.  “Welcome, welcome.  I was told you would be here for a visit.  Come in, come in.  Everyone is excited to see you all again.”  So we walked around the bend, on the path to where the doors are.  No one can see these entrances from any point until you are before them.  …