Tremendous Response to Prophetic Warning

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First and foremost a great big thank you to all who responded to last week’s email with financial support, joining us as a Partner, and for being a part of The Remnant. We had 77 people on the Open Forum call Tuesday night making it our most successful call to date but more important is the positive feedback on how the Wake Up Call spoke to people’s heart.

The anointing was so strong on me that for the first 15 minutes I could barely talk but prayed. The glory was powerfully touching people’s lives. As I’ve studied quantum physics I start to understand why even a week to a year later the same anointing and related glory will be felt when the recording is played.

My original intent was to just make the recording of the call available to our partners but I feel the call is so strong in waking people up and calling them to action that I’ve decided to put it and Pastor Chris’s call from last night on the current Remnant page for all interested to hear. I feel very strongly that this wake up call needs to get out to as many people as possible.

Regardless of whether you have heard the call or not, I strongly suggest you check it out; it’s free to all who have registered for The Remnant. Once you have listened to it, I’d like you to encourage as many people as you can to do the same.

Yesterday in prayer, God impressed me with, “the message needs legs, now.” Meaning it has to be forwarded and communicated with a sense of urgency. I would hope the pure sense of significance would be enough for everyone to put a link to it or like it on whatever social media they have, but to give the message some extra momentum and encouragement, I’ve had my programmers set up an incentive program to bless those that help to get the Word out.

We currently have about 230 people registered in The Remnant, the first goal I’d like to see us reach is 1,000 people to hear the “Wake up call”. First and foremost please agree with me for this first milestone.

To make this fun and rewarding everyone you invite that registers for the Remnant will earn you a free audio teaching of your choice from my online library. It would thrill me to “life” to see someone get every message in my store absolutely free just for helping to wake people up to the urgency of being serious, red hot and fired up for God!

Here is how it works and what I’d like you to do. Sign into The Remnant page and at the top of the content page is a Facebook Recommend link and a send to a Friend button. When you click on it, it will add your registered email to the link. When you recommend or email to a friend your email address will be embedded so that we know every person you recommend that registers. Every person that registers for the Remnant free content will earn you a credit for one audio download message of your choice from our online store. For example if you earned 10 credits you could get the entire “Preparation for End times” series.                                                                                           

It is going to take the programmers a little more time to complete the reporting code but once done, you will log into The Remnant or Partner Page which will be coming out next week and you will know exactly how many people have registered due to your efforts. An alternate way of getting credit is just telling people when they register to use your name and email address when they register in the “who recommended you,” line of the registration.

I had one person tell me in an email after the call on Tuesday that she was thankful for the
“Wake Up Call,” and told everyone what she heard on the call where she works (sounded the alarm). How wonderful it would be if everyone did the same with all the people in their address books and every social media they were a part of. For now, we only have email and the Facebook social media set up but you can copy the link with your email address and post it in Twitter or any other social media you use.

Be sure to add comments to your recommendations on whatever media you use to help get this word out. As I said on the call, we will soon all be standing before the judgment seat of Christ and have to give an account of what we did with what was entrusted to us. Getting this message out is going to be a great way for all of us to see our heavenly account credited with great reward. My reward plan is great but God’s is out of this world.

Next Tuesday, will be the start of my Tuesday night teaching series for our partners on this
subject which I’m calling “Training for Reigning.” All it takes is a consistent monthly donation of at least a dollar a month to become a “partner”, but thanks be to God for those that have given much more, the financial help has been most appreciated! All partners and Supernatural Discipleship Program participants will have access to these Tuesday and Thursday night calls.

All partners will be receiving a separate email with pass codes to the Partner Section of the website where all the calls will be available to play or download. Also please remember that we would like for you to vote on each teaching that you view and/or listen to.

If you’ve yet to join us as a partner, I ask you to pray about it. In the interim we welcome you to take advantage of everything that is available free in the website especially in The Remnant section.

As always let us know how we can pray for you. We thank you for your prayers for us and helping us to get this Word out to the first 1,000 people.


David Martin

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