Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much time is required to do the program?

The program is totally customizable. The length of time daily is determined by each person's personal ambitions/goals with regard to the amount of spiritual development they desire.

The program is comprised of 16 daily activities ranging from five minutes to sixty minutes. The program offers three uniquely defined Spiritual Development levels. Each level has unique approaches to spiritual growth and determines the amount of discipline by each participant.

SD1 - this program basically has two daily activities; spiritual assessments and daily devotionals. This program will require approximately 10 minutes per day.

SD2 - this program gives full access to the 15 primary activities; it excludes the teaching/mentoring component is normally 60 min. per day. This program is totally customizable; participants choose on a daily/weekly or monthly basis their desired level of participation or commitment. An admissions coach will help to formulate a plan (spiritual goal) which can be modified as necessary. See activities and times file for more clarification.

SD3 - this program is an equivalent to going to Bible school; to do the complete program as designed in 26 weeks (six months), will take an average of 2 1/2 hours per day. What makes this program successful for most people is incorporating the activities into daily living. As an example many people can use their drive/travel time to do the teaching media in the program which averages and hour per day. Another example is a list of nine things to pray for every day which is a 10 minute activity which again can usually be done while doing other things. For certain though the average person is going to need at least an hour per day where they can sit down and read, study, meditate and Journal. . See activities and times file for more clarification.


How is it you can guarantee success?

Very simply God's Word works! The testimonies of people that have done the program proves the effectiveness in applying oneself to a daily discipline of spiritual activities.

Two activities of SD1 are prerequisites of guaranteed success. These two activities include daily spiritual assessments and daily devotionals. The spiritual assessment will ask you to rate yourself on a 1 to 10 basis in 12 different areas of walking in the spirit such as; how well did you do today in bringing negative thoughts into captivity? If you purpose to answer this question honestly and end of each day you're going to subconsciously be mindful of your thoughts throughout the day and because of the awareness you're going to automatically improve. The program graphs your score on a daily/weekly and monthly basis and will show you your spiritual growth.

The second primary daily activity in SD1 is the daily devotional. The Bible tells us, "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." Romans 10:17 because of this is true and the devotions are packed with the word of God explained you will be growing spiritually daily.


Is the program for new believers or old (saved a long time) believers?

The program is designed for believers, new or seasoned. New believers will benefit tremendously by getting such a rich spiritual foundation the program provides. Demographically the overwhelming majority of people that have done the program have been believers for many years. Common testimonies we hear from people doing the program including pastors, leaders and believers of over 20 years is; the program drew them closer to God, gave them greater confidence in their spiritual walk and an in-depth understanding of how to walk in the supernatural.

Can I do the program on my mobile (phone or tablet) device?

Yes, any computer or device that can connect to the Internet will be able to access the program. Because the program does utilize video the connection speed of the device will make a difference. Individuals that have a slow connection may need to allow extra time for the video to download/buffer so that there will be a smoother playback.


How often does a new class/program start?

A new class starts every week on Monday. Those who register for the 14 day free trial on Wednesday or before will typically start the following Monday. Individuals registering on or after Thursday, will typically start a week from the coming Monday. (Assuming space is available).

We are constantly evaluating class size to maintain excellence in our ability to serve those in the program. With every person in the program being assigned a coach to help those getting started our class size will be closely monitored. If we have a large number of individuals that want to start any given week some may need to be put on the following week's register.


What is activation about?

To ensure each person’s success in the program we assign a coach/mentor to personalize the program. Upon registering for the 14 day free trial an e-mail is sent with a confirmation of the registration. A reply e-mail or phone call is then required telling us best time to call you to activate your program.

The activation generally takes 10 to 15 minutes. During the activation the coach will ask your spiritual objectives, give an overview of the program and answer any questions. This is also significant for the participant to meet your personal coach who will help you get started.


I forgot my password to login, how do I retreive it?

Click here to go to the login page and put in your email address or username. Then check the box by "Lost Password?" Your password will be emailed to you.


Is there a specific time that I have to do the program everyday?

No, all the program activities can be done at your convenience any time of the day. For individuals keeping track of points for certification/graduation will need to be mindful of marking off on their program page activities they completed by midnight. Some activities like the teaching/mentoring sessions can be done on the weekends as they are not day sensitive as our other activities.


Do you have any scholarship or financial assistance help?

Yes, we have both scholarship and financial assistance available. The key to financial help is a sincere desire to grow spiritually, just let us know that you need help and we’ll work with you. Money is not an issue in doing the program, faithfulness is our only criteria to financial help. Everybody in the program starts with the 14 day Free Trial; to qualify for financial assistance one needs to be faithful in doing the to primary daily activities during the trial.


If I miss a day in the program can I make it up?

Some activities yes and some no. The majority of the activities within the program do require a daily discipline. There are some activities however that can be made of such as; Daily Bible Reading, Daily Fasting etc..

Doing the prescribed daily activities faithfully (not missing any) is only significant for those in the SD 3 program, but even within this program one can still graduate receive certification with 70% faithfulness score. This essentially means some activities can be skipped daily or the entire program could be missed up to six days per month.

For those wishing to get an honorary certificate a faithfulness score of 90% is required.


What happens with my program when I go on vacation?

The program can be paused during times of vacation or for any other reason one would need to be excused from the program. To activate the program pause you need to contact the office the week prior to your planned absence.

In the case of emergencies or are unplanned events you can contact the office at any time and they can backdate your program to accommodate the days which were unexpectedly missed.

We allow up to six weeks of pauses for those desiring certification including the program pauses for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


What are the recommended computer or Internet speed requirements?

This program relies heavily on streaming media and for that reason it is recommended that you use the most current version of Internet Explorer 11+, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Chrome for your web browser. Also we recommend an internet connection speed of at least 500+ Kbps.


Is there a certification, graduation or accreditation with the program?

Yes, there are three levels of certification/graduation.

  1. Honorary Certification is for those who complete SD 3 with a 90% faithfulness of all activities within 26 weeks (six months).
  2. Certification of Completion is for those who complete SD 3 with a 70% faithfulness of all activities within 26 weeks (six months).
  3. Certificate of Accomplishment is for those who complete SD 3 with a 70% faithfulness of all activities within 52 weeks (12 months).

Gold leaf/frame-able Certificates are mailed to participants upon completion. At this point there is no accreditation with any higher learning organizations.