Holy Spirit Academy Ministry Training

Learn How to Minister in the Miracle Power of the Gifts of the Spirit through Jesus Christ

Holy Spirit Academy Ministry Training Introduction - 1 min 30 sec


This course is designed to help believers effectively minister in the power of the Holy Spirit. Although it can be done as a correspondence course, most individuals, churches and ministry groups, just use the CDs and syllabuses to learn independently or as a group.

As you can see from the lesson outlines below, this course covers a broad base of Biblical topics. As David explains, there's not a lot in the Bible that gives specifics on how to lay hands on the sick or how the gifts actually work. We see scripturally that we are to minister with them, and we see them in use, but the "how to," for the most part, is missing.

David's teaching is based on Scriptures, but he also draws much from his 30 years of experience in doing healing crusades, miracle services, and pastors conferences, around the world. As he says in the course, the school of experience is a great teacher, but the tuition is high, and one of the greatest losses to him in a meeting is loosing the anointing, which happens when the Holy Spirit is grieved with the congregation or the minister.

Some of David's greatest complaints about ministry brought out in the first lesson but referred to often throughout the course are abuses and excesses that are so prevalent today. An example is people falling over in the Spirit. David believes falling over happens by the Spirit, but it is for a reason, and when God wants to do it, He will. He needs no help. Unfortunately, many ministering today push people over instead of letting the phenomena take place naturally or supernaturally (as it would better be described). For this reason, David teaches that, when laying hands on people, if the person is standing, one should ever so lightly touch the person needing prayer.

David teaches much on the Hows and Whys and on what not to do as much as what to do. He goes into great depth in teaching a solid Biblical view of healing. He believes God's best is to walk in divine health, and when you do need to believe God to manifest His miracle healing power, you should believe for His instantaneous miraculous touch. If after prayer you're yet to see the instant manifestation, you then need to stand in faith knowing that God has heard and answered your prayer.

But if, for whatever reason, your faith is not working, you need to know that God uses doctors, medicine and alternative medicine. He believes that if you use your faith in combination with the doctor's advice or medicine, the advice and medicine will work better for you than for anybody else without faith. He encourages all whom he trains to never tell someone to stop taking medicine or not to seek medical help. He encourages people to see their doctor, get a documented testimony of what God did, and let the doctor tell them they are healed.

This course is very practical, foundational, and designed for all believers to understand the supernatural power of God that He wants all believers to walk in. David also teaches you how to effectively minister at the workplace without offending your employer or in the market without creating a disturbance.

The extensiveness of this course can be seen by going through the course outlines and sample syllabuses provided below.

David believes one of the unfortunate happenings in the church world today is that people are building ministries instead of the Kingdom of God. In this course, David teaches the need to walk in humility, avoid drawing attention to yourself, and do all that you do for the glory of God.

Each of the 30 lessons has a Syllabus. The first four lessons are shown below. The Syllabus is ordered separately.

Syllabus Lesson One
Syllabus Lesson Two
Syllabus Lesson Three
Syllabus Lesson Four

Audio Samples:

Holy Spirit Academy Preview Introduction - 6 min 14 sec

Holy Spirit Academy Preview I - 7 min 13 sec
This preview is from the overview of the objectives of the Holy Spirit Academy.

Holy Spirit Academy Preview II - 7 min 13 sec
This preview is from session two and reviews the Five Keys to the Supernatural with an emphasis on key five which is motivation;why do you want the supernatural operating in your life.

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Holy Spirit Academy

Introduction(Two CDs)
Introduction to the Holy Spirit Academy Ministry Training
Special Teaching "No Thieves in the Ministry"

Session One (Four CDs)
"Keys, Motives, Attitudes and Introduction"
Altar Ministry Introduction.
Ministry Techniques Overview.
Spiritual Surgery.
Daily Expectations.
Foundation of Ministry.
Attitude of the Heart.
5 Keys to the Supernatural Introduction.
Motive of Ministry.
Focus on Compassion.

Session Two (Four CDs)
"Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit"
Sensitivity to the Voice of God.
Obedience to Do Whatever God Says.
Obeying God over the Voice of Man.
Spiritual Breakthrough.
Two Life Changing Visions.
Being a Friend of God.
Hearing the Secrets of God.
Covenant Friendship with God.

Session Three (Four CDs)
"How to be Led by the Spirit"
How to Be Led by the Spirit
The Light and the Life of God in Us.
Our Inheritance as Saints.
Types and Shadows of Moses' Tabernacle.
Casting of the Lot.
Going by the Spirit Instead of the Obvious.
Developing Sensitivity to the Spirit.
The Various Ways God Speaks.

Session Four (Four CDs)
"Faith & Healing"
Faith & Healing.
Spiritual Identification (Diagnosis).
Ways/Methods & Techniques of Healing.
Setting the Stage.
Unity, the Key to the Anointing.
Expectation (foundation of the miraculous).
Revelation of the Word.
Believing What You Say.

Session Five (Four CDs)
"Faith, Authority and Righteousness"
Faith, Authority and Righteousness.
Our Position as Believers.
The Basis of Great Faith.
The Supernatural Works of Jesus.
Understanding How Did Jesus Do What He Did.
Hypo-static Union (Coming together of God and Man).
Spoken Word Miracles.
Understanding Delegated Authority.
The Gift of Righteousness.
Reigning with Christ.

Session Six (Four CDs)
"Indwelling and In-filling of the Holy Spirit"
Indwelling and In-filling.
Two-Fold Work of the Holy Spirit.
Wells and Rivers of the Spirit.
The Tongues Phenomena.
The Purpose of Tongues.
The Gifts of the Spirit Introduction.
How the Gifts Differ.
How the Gifts Work.
The Best Gifts.

Session Seven (Four CDs)
"Ministry Techniques"
Ministry Techniques and Principles.
Usher Orientation and Training.
Touching with Wisdom.
Speaking Appropriately & Confidentiality.
Falling over and Spiritual Surgery.
Maintaining Focus & Hindrances to the Anointing.
Prophetic Words and Prophecy.
Deliverance & Salvation.
Personal Hygiene. Bio Tab image