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The Supernatural Discipleship Program is an intense, technology rich, online, Spirit-filled discipleship experience/course specializing in the supernatural. The program's six month curriculum will provide a solid Biblical foundation with a focus on equipping Believers through sound Biblical doctrine how to do what Jesus did and even greater. Some have likened the program's unique approach to a Bible school on steroids. This course will firmly root and establish new Believers and prove to be a life changing experience for seasoned Believers to get hot for God.

The course uses patent pending (to be applied for) techniques, methodologies, and technologies on computers, tablets, or mobile phones with DVD/CD disks or downloadable MP3 or MP4 and PDF formats along with some printed material. All of the resources combined will daily motivate and mobilize each participant to a highly rewarding spiritual growth experience unlike any program on earth.

Individuals start the program with personalized zeal/spiritual assessment tools to establish baselines from which the disciple will establish his own quantified, measurable goals for spiritual growth in a multitude of spiritual disciplines. Daily, weekly, and monthly computerized charting, graphing, and scoring tools are used to clearly see and measure spiritual progress.

The bottom line objective is for those taking the course to be red hot for God, with a solid foundation in the Word and the Spirit, to accomplish God's perfect will for them on the earth.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee – 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the program.


Overview of the Components

You can pick and choose the individual components that will work best for your available time and budget. Each program works independently, but when all of the components are used together it makes the most unique Supernatural Discipleship Program ever.

Spiritual Development - If one was to pick a single most important/significant part of the program this component would be it. It is made up of three individual components including: Zeal Assessment Profile, Spiritual Assessment and Daily Video Mentoring by David Martin. This program also serves as a baseline for measurable spiritual growth and is highly motivating through its charting and graphing features.

Daily Journaling - Beside the obvious function of this as a Daily Journal, this component serves the user in unique ways through its 10 categorical subcomponents. Each subcomponent tracks spiritual growth/progress, including the revelations with a primary focus on identifying spiritual destiny and purpose in life. This program uses a high level security encryption program so that all information is 100% confidential.

Prayer Projects/Journaling -Although this program is freestanding, it really is a significant part of the Discipleship Program. Within the program each participant has a minimum of five prayer projects which are tracked in this Journal. This is a most unique tool which combines prayer requests, inspirations given for the prayer projects and, most importantly, identifying the expected end. It also involves an interactive blogging tool which is optionally used by each person identified in the prayer project.

David's Supernatural Mentoring Class - A weekly online class, in which David teaches on the supernatural for approximately one hour, then opens the session/webinar to questions and answers. Many people have asked for this class so they can pull on David's extensive knowledge of the supernatural as well as have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with him. For those unable to attend the online webinar weekly on Tuesday's at 7 PM CDT, it will be available through streaming video for viewing at each person's convenience.

Pastor Chris's Spiritual Foundation Class - David believes this is one of the most important components of the Supernatural Discipleship Program as so many believers are missing vital building blocks within their spiritual foundation. Pastor Chris teaches for approximately one hour, and then opens the session/webinar to questions and answers. For those unable to attend the online webinar weekly on Thursday's at 7 PM CDT, it will be available through streaming video for viewing at each person's convenience.

Media Library

Participants of the full program (SDIII) are required to go through a selection of David Martin's media library. The library is supplied in a digital format at 50% off the list price of the CD or DVD. The digital lessons can be played online, downloaded to be played on an iPod or iPhone or any digital device and can also be burned to a CD. Should the actual CDs or DVDs be desired they can be purchased for just a $4 shipping charge plus $1.50 per CD or DVD.

Approximately 15 of the CDs are Meditative Media. Each participant plays one of these each day, usually prior to going to bed. The other 55 CDs/DVDs are played over the course of six months at the participant's convenience (average two per week). This is in addition to the 30 CDs which are in the Holy Spirit Academy.

Note: any media which a participant has already purchased need not be purchased again.

Daily Activities

Your Daily Activities are recorded and measured on-line – A vast variety of spiritual development tasks are done daily on each participant's personalized web page. On-line activities, beyond the webinars, will typically require about an hour a day. Media (audio, video, and print) will require an average of an hour a day.

Within the Discipleship Program, daily means Monday through Friday. Daily tasks that are missed over the course of a week can be made up on the weekend. Students that miss more than 10 days in their daily tasks will be in jeopardy of not receiving a certificate of completion.

Daily Spiritual Assessment - A Spiritual Assessment is completed daily to help increase spiritual awareness and measure spiritual progress and development. At present, there are 12 categories. The number of categories may be increased by the ministry or the user. Each of the categorical items need to be rated on a 1 to 10 system with 1 being cold and 10 being red-hot.

The program also includes a Zeal Assessment which measures on a 1-to-10 scale the twelve broader categories of spiritual life. The Zeal Assessment Profile is only required to be done once every 30 days although it can be done as often as desired.

Daily Journal - (Divine destiny, witty ideas/inventions, prophetic words, testimonies, daily fasting, visions and dreams, scripture revelations, Divine appointments, questions answered and a general entry). A unique (secure) Daily Journal system will allow you to make journal entries in each of the above mentioned categories. Some you will use daily, others occasionally, but all can be seen or printed by date range and/or category.

Daily Fasting - Within the Daily Journal is a Daily Fasting Record which records what was fasted for the day. To develop sensitivity and death to self, everyday is a fast day during the program. Participants choose what they choose to fast each day; i.e. some days may be sweets, others no food until after 3 pm, or no television, etc. We do encourage at least one day per week to be a more serious fast such as liquids only.

Prophetic Writing - At the start of each day after a time of prayer, participants are asked to write out five to ten spontaneous words, or short phrases, and enter them into their Daily Journals.

Prayer Projects and Journal/Blog - When you start the program you select at least five people (families or groups) that you are going to pray for daily throughout the duration of the program. Each project is set up within a blog format for you to journal your thoughts, prayers, and praise reports. A unique aspect of this is that the person you are praying for has the ability to interact with you on the blog if you should so desire.

Scripture Verse Meditation - Every day one scripture is chosen to meditate on throughout the day. We give you over 130 scripture suggestions.

Bible Reading and Study - As a bonus, each participant is given a complimentary copy of a state of the art Bible study program which will facilitate a unique lesson objective of marking up a Bible with a color coding system highlighting over 40 different topics significant to the supernatural. Scheduled daily reading assignments will take each person through Proverbs, Psalms, and the entire New Testament.

Note: the included complementary Bible study program is designed to be used with Microsoft Windows operating system. Mac/Apple users can only utilize the program if they have the ability to run MS-DOS programs. If this is not possible, the option is to do the topical index project assignment manually.

Miracles Meditation - An extra amount of time is put into reading and meditation on the miracles of the Bible. All of the miracles are to be read and meditated on in such a way that you imagine yourself as part of the story, as if you were actually there. Your thoughts/meditations are then put into your Daily Journal.

Intent of Heart - Every day you will read an "Intent of Heart" (takes about two minutes). We supply two different ones which alternate, and you are encouraged to write some additional ones of your own.

100 Key Points Meditative Confessions - Every day the 100 Key Points are either read or listened to; this exercise will take 10 to 15 minutes.

Daily Scripture Reading - Each day starts with a Scripture reading of one of three sections of Scripture. (Psalm 91, I Corinthians 13 or Deuteronomy 28:1-14)

Divine Appointments - Within morning prayer, each person is required to ask God for at least one Divine appointment for the day with an expectation that God will hear and answer the prayer. The result each day is entered into the appropriate section of the Daily Journal. Divine appointments can be major (such as leading someone to the Lord) to minor (such as calling someone on the phone and encouraging them).

Daily Devotional - A daily devotional is required to be read daily. Spurgeon's daily reading (morning and evening) devotional is included within the complementary Bible study software. If this is the chosen devotional, only one of the two included devotionals morning or evening is required. Spurgeon's is not the required reading, individuals can select from their favorites.

Meditative Media - A selection of at least ten options are provided in the Media Library. For those interested, a Personalized Meditative Media can be ordered. One of these Meditative Medias must be played daily. (Approximately 30 minutes each). Many play them just prior to going to bed in the evening.

Daily Mentoring with David - Each day will begin with a short (approximately 5 min.) video by e-mail from David. These videos are categorized as mentoring and will take on many forms such as teaching, motivation, prayer and inspiration.

Daily Prayer (besides praying for the Prayer Projects) - A number of specific items which are required within the daily prayer include:

  1. Favor with God and man.
  2. A Divine appointment.
  3. Doors to open and close supernaturally.
  4. Revelation on Divine purpose in life.
  5. Fired up and red-hot for God.
  6. Divine health (free of all sickness disease and infirmity).
  7. Daily spiritual assessment (each of the 12 items).
  8. Peace of Jerusalem.
  9. Vision of Dave Martin Ministries; over 100 million souls saved, discipled and serving God.

Partnership Program

Thanks for taking the time to review this Supernatural Discipleship Program and consider it as the vehicle that will help you to be red hot and fired up for God. As much as I know it will supernaturally transform you by the Word of God: it will add to your heavenly account, as through the revenues received we will see the vision of over 100 million souls saved, disciple, and serving God. It is our God-given goal/vision to reach the world through media, methodology and meetings. Our intent is to expand this program beyond anything one could possibly ask think or imagine for the glory of God. Your help is much appreciated and together we make a difference.

Discipleship Program Cost Structure

All subscriptions are done on a month to month basis, with no contracts or binding agreements. Most significantly, a good portion of all monies paid is used for the advancement of the kingdom and to see the vision of over 100 million souls saved, discipled and serving God.

Spiritual Development Program

Daily Journal

  • Registration - $29/$10
  • Monthly $10 (annual $100) – (2 months free)

Prayer Projects Journal

  • Registration - $29/$10
  • Monthly $10 (annual $100) – 2 months free)

David's Supernatural Mentoring

  • Registration - $29/$10
  • Monthly $30 (annual $300) – 2 months free)

Pastor Chris's Spiritual Foundations Class

  • Registration - $29/$10
  • Monthly $30 (annual $300) – 2 months free)

Notes: if you were to purchase all of the components separately the monthly cost with the Discipleship Program would be $160. As a package you receive the discounted price of $100, Registration $29/$10 The first program you register for is $29; each subsequent one is $10. When upgrading to the complete program you are credited with all previously paid registration fees.

If an annual subscription is canceled at any time, the months used will be charged at the regular monthly rate.

Complete Discipleship Program Cost Structure

Registration - $89 (any previously paid registration fees are credited)

Media (Instructional Materials) - $312

This price is 50% off of the list price of the 95 (CDs/DVDs) included in the media library and are all delivered via download on the individual's Supernatural Discipleship Program web account. Total cost of the media can be paid across the six months of the Discipleship Program (total amount divided by six).

Note: Any media already owned need not be purchased. The cost will be deducted from the order. CDs and DVDs (actual disks) can be ordered for $1.50 each plus a $4.00 shipping charge.

Tuition - $100 per month (six months = $600) if prepaid the discounted cost is $500, which equals one free month.

Additional immediate family members (spouse/children at home) 25% off of tuition. Media can be shared. Each person needs to register and will have his/her own member's web pages and be able to do all of the daily tasks to complete the program and receive a certificate of completion. Family members that want to audit the classes may use the media without an additional charge, but they will not have their own separate webpages.

Optional Personalized Meditative Media - $195
Requires completion of 4 page questionnaire.