04-16-19 Spiritual Development for the Serious Christian

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As the title implies, this is a program for the serious Christian. It’s essentially the same program I tried to broadcast last week but unfortunately the hotel from which I was doing the show, lacked the internet speed needed for streaming the video.
Today, I was able to redo the program and it’s even better. I strongly suggest you take time to watch and let it motivate you to increase your pursuit of God. We’re on the edge of the greatest move of God ever, more than ever we need to be red hot and fired up for God.  
What most Christians are missing is a structured, disciplined strategic plan or program to grow spiritually. Tonight’s program will show you the components of a God given plan to take your spiritual walk to a higher level with guaranteed measurable spiritual growth.
God has impressed me with the need to challenge Christians to get more disciplined in their faith and daily discipline in their pursuit of God.
Twelve years ago, God gave me the architecture for a supernatural spiritual development program we now call, “Supernatural Discipleship.” We’ve had pastors, doctors, spiritual leaders from all walks of life say, “This program is life changing.”
The first of this year God impressed me with offering the Spiritual Development Level One program free to anyone who supports our ministry at any level. At the simplest level, it will be a 10 minute per day commitment.  For the more serious Christian, there will be enough content to spend 40 minutes to an hour every day.  Just for trying the 14 Day Free Trial (the first two weeks of the program), you’ll receive over $100 of free content.
My goal is to help you to understand the psychology and methodology of this unique program that has so benefited so many folks already. 
I invite you to join me tonight on YouTube Premier for this first session. 
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A special thank you to everyone who has been praying for us, your prayers do make a difference. Thank you as well for all who faithfully support us with your finances, it is only with your help that we can do what God has called us to do and together we’ll see our vision fulfilled of over one hundred million souls saved, discipled and serving God.


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