1-11-18 If He is Thirsty

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I was on my Dad’s farm. I wanted to put rain gutters on the large pole barn to collect the rain for the cows. 2 ladies thought it was a bad idea stating the cows would get wet.

This is what the Lord told me:

Collecting the rain for the cows on Dad’s farm is taking the life giving water from above; (Heaven), to the saints. The cows carry the milk which is the word of God. This represents the Christians who are born again and carry the word of God in them. 2 is the number of agreement. The 2 ladies represent some of the church who do not want to change from traditional ways blessing the body of Christ with life giving water from above. As we move into the kingdom age the power of God will move very evident to everyone. Even people of the world will see it. Be prepared body of Christ to be blessed!

The Lord be with you.

Brother Al

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