1/20/2019 How is the Church doing?

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 I went to the store and bought some cheese. I looked at it after I purchased it and it was moldy.

 Later I went to a farm to dispose of some manure properly. I was wondering where to dump it. This farm was not very sanitary at all and smelled awful and women were doing the work on it. One of the ladies returned from the field with a tractor, a chopper to make hey for the silo and a wagon. When she parked the equipment her husband got inside the tractor and returned to the field.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 The cheese is the product that comes from the farm. in this case cheese which is a product of milk and supposed to be an upgrade from milk represents the word of God; 1 Cor. 3:2 & Heb 5:12-13.

 The product made was not good because it was moldy.

 I took manure to a farm to dispose of it. The farm also represents the church. The ladies represent the church in this setting. The manure is sin, and all of us have sins to purge out of our lives. The church is the place where we receive the word of God and sins and iniquities are purged from us. In this setting the farm or church was filthy and the congregation suffered for it. One of the women’s husband went back out in the field. The husbandman is Jesus Christ. You are going to see a change coming in the church. The Lord is going to clean it up and the church will function as it was designed by the Lord. Change is coming. Get ready to be blessed!

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