1/26/2019 Keep Your Shirt On

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1/26/2019 Keep Your Shirt On

 I was at my work place. I was on my way to the showers but walked through the building with no clothing on. There were ladies in the building and I was reprimanded. I could have been in further trouble if the ladies reported this higher up. I wrapped a towel around me in the bathroom.

 In the same dream another lady had trouble kicking someone out of an area. At that time meteors were hitting the earth. We had to be careful not to get hit.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 In this dream setting I was at my work place. Trying to clean or justify myself in the flesh is not the will of God. This is when confronted by trouble and lashing out in the flesh. The women represents the church who is always watching us and how we conduct ourselves. The higher up represents God who can bless or curse those who are good and bad. It is better to suffer loss and crucify our flesh and let God fight our battles. He will and the devil will run from us.

 Another lady who also represents the church was outside in another area acting in the flesh kicking someone out of an area. When acting in the flesh only brings more trouble; not only to her but others in the body of Christ. The meteor shower represents the fiery darts of the devil when we give into the flesh.

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