12/4/2018 The Seed 

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I had a dream last night, and I feel like it’s something that I should tell you about. Now a little back story leading up to this, for the past maybe 2- 2 1/2 years I have had this reoccurring dream about several tornadoes coming towards our house. I would be the first to see them, but when I would try to tell anybody about them, nobody would seek shelter. Especially mom for some reason ha ha. I would have that dream about every 2 or 3 months.. different scenarios, same situation. Well the first I remember about this dream, is that I was upstairs with Kim, little Jim, and Albert, when I saw this huge tornado coming straight towards our house. I screamed and me, Kim, little Jim and Albert ran into my bedroom, across the house. I noticed that Lisa was still in the other room and I was screaming for her to come to me, I don’t really remember seeing her come, I kind of remember her being in there with us eventually, but that’s more of a blur.. I remember praying and commanding the tornado to stop in the name of Jesus and to not hit our house, and begged God to protect us and to put a wall of fire around us. Then I remember looking out my window and seeing the tornado sit right over the top of the addition, for what seemed like forever. I watched it completely destroy our roof, and dug a gaping hole in the house all the way down to the basement, next to our big table. After it was over, everything got quiet, no more wind, no more storm. I ran downstairs and mom was standing in the addition looking at the hole in the floor, but when I looked up, the ceiling was still there… mom said something to the effect of “God isn’t happy with us.” I was confused. My dad came out of his office with a disturbed look on his face and said, “God is punishing us because he wanted us to build our “church” –Here. He isn’t happy that we are accepting immigrants into our “church”, (home) and trying to reach out to them, when it’s our family that he wants us to fix. He wants us to fix our family before we reach out to the “immigrants”. (I’m guessing outsiders, non family members?) and after he said that I remember seeing another tornado start to come towards our house, but then turned and went in another direction.. if I remember any more details I’ll let you know but as far as now that’s all I remember..

I  forgot to mention, when I walked to the side of the hole, I looked down and on the edge of the hole, was the outline of a Cross, the cross of Jesus.

This is what the Lord told me:

At first I spoke to the Lord and told Him if possible can He find someone else to interpret the dream. I did not want to do it. He said no, I have you to do it. I said thank you Lord. He said you’re welcome Big Al, and that was that.

This has been a reoccurring dream, and the first thing that stands out is that the Lord was trying to convey this message for some time.

This family represents many in the body of Christ. The tornadoes represent the devil, and his evil plot to destroy the seeds that God has planned in families like this one. Lisa represents the person serving God and sounding the alarm to others. If you notice in the dream she was upstairs, seated in heavenly places, and interceding for others. In real life Kim and Lisa are serving God, and because of it Satan is targeting them and the next generation. Many of their children no longer serve the Lord or have a form of godliness only. The new addition represents the next generation of believers in this family. Satan knows that if he can wipe them out the generations to come there will be no seed of God to work on behalf of the Lord. In this setting the parents truly love their children but the children do not feel it, because of this they are living in the world. In the basement now a large hole the table used not only to eat meals but fellowship with one another was there. It is very important to show love to all family members. Show them the love of Jesus Christ. All of us have a doctrine, and a way we serve the Lord being the best. If we feed our children strong meat rather than milk it will be vomited out and even the milk will not go down well. Just as the Lord wanted Israel to be blessed first and then the Gentiles; He also wants us to place our family first and then reaching out to the world. The second tornado represents the next generation and future generations to come he plans on destroying. In this case the tornado took a turn and went in another direction. I told this family what the Lord was speaking in this powerful dream. I know the second tornado will not return. There will be changes in this family. The cross at the bottom of the basement represents all the prayers that went up interceding for all family members. Satan will not get any of them.

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