2/21/2018 God’s Plan Satan’s plan – Rick Joiner’s Dream

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In Rick’s dream North America and Europe have been utterly devastated. The buildings were collapsed. Rick purchased North America and Europe for 1 trillion dollars. After the purchase people offered to buy it from him. 1 man offered 100 billion for Manhattan Island. Rick said no. Later he offered 200 billion. Rick said no again.

The next night Rick saw Marxism being weaponized. The enemy wants to use Marxism to bring down nations.

This is what the Lord told me: Both the dreams tie together. You purchased the land of North America and Europe. You represent the leaders of the body of Christ at the highest level. You are an eagle prophet. The currency you used; 1 trillion dollars is the martyrs, the prayers of the saints, works of the saints and the righteousness of the saints throughout the generations.The righteous have cried out to God and He has heard us. You received these properties at a bargain price. The state of North America and Europe is a mess spiritually speaking. The broken down buildings represent the body of the world and a great part of the body of Christ in its present state. In your dream you were offered Manhattan for a price. Manhattan represents the financial hub of the United States. You would not sell it in the dream. This is good. The man trying to purchase it is the devil. The devil wants to run our country’s in the ground financially, so the gospel will stop going around the world, and help to others who need it will be held back. This is the season the Lord has chosen to bring the most powerful move of God this world has ever seen. Satan wants to stop it; quench it. This move of God will not be a patch job, but a complete rebuilding of the church and the nations. In the second dream Marxism is a powerful tool Satan wants to use to bankrupt the nations and the people. This ties in with the first dream when Satan wanted to buy Manhattan. If Satan can stop North America and Europe; he can control the world. This is why socialism is being pushed so hard by the world.

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