6/26/2019 Forgive or Else

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Forgive or Else 6/26/2019

 I was on Dad’s farm. A lot of hay was cut ready to be bailed. We were driving out of a field and a vehicle was very badly damaged. I didn’t see it and hit it with my truck. My left front tire hit it so hard the tire was tipped outboard on top, inboard at the bottom. My brother offered me a lift in another vehicle after the days work was completed.

 This is what the Lord told me:

 Dad’s farm represents the Kingdom of God. My Dad represents God the Holy Father. The large amount of hay is the kingdom work that is ahead of those in Christ. The vehicle damaged is my brother’s. It was completely totaled. I hit the damaged vehicle which represents the paths we are both on. When I hit his vehicle this represents the unforgiveness I had towards him for our extreme views on of all things politics.

 The Lord made it very clear that I must forgive him, and love him like Jesus loved the church. I had to sacrifice or I could not move forward in the great work of the Kingdom of God. This I chose to do.

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