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NOTE: If opting out please still inform us of the best time/s to contact you below.

Moderator/Coordinators help in facilitating the Aaron/Hur prayer partner program. They are responsible for coordinating of the Tuesday prayer connection and following up with the two they are assigned at least once per week.

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NOTE: This is an option that needs to be discussed with your existing team and each person on the team has to opt in on this at the time they submit their form.

Time Zones - With people participating in the Business Breakthrough ministry from around the world, time zones are an area we need your help to best match you with prayer partners. What we need you to do is choose a time zone from the drop down list below that is adjusted to your time zone. Our office is located in the USA in the Central Time zone. Assuming your time zone was four hours ahead of ours and your best available time for prayer with your prayer partners would be 2 pm; you'd subtract four hours (10 am) and choose the corresponding time bracket of 9 am to noon.

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Business Matching - We are going to do our best to match businesses with similarities. As the ministry grows in numbers over time we'll have a broader base to better facilitate this process. In the interim we appreciate your understanding and patience as some matches may make not natural sense but are the best we could do with the businesses available. Over the years we've seen some amazing relationships come out of this matching process that had nothing to do with natural selections. Some matches are made in heaven for reasons beyond the obvious. What's most important is the commitment of each person to pray for their assigned prayer partners for two minutes every day.

Our form builder for the website is failing us today in it's ability to allow us to use a drop down menu that identifies various characteristics of each persons business. We hope to have this fixed prior to our next monthly Teaching and Prayer meeting. If you would give us some overall information on your business so we can best serve you. Suggested information to provide; business experience, business size, if your are looking for a new business or ideas for your business, if you are a minister looking to supplement your business, if your interest is more in ministry but want to support businesses in prayer, etc. The more information you provide, the better we can serve you. Thank you!

Business Information - to help us match you to other businesses

This month on the Prayer Form will be the option of opting out of the conference call option of meeting with your prayer partners once per week.  Most importantly though is what I'm calling, "A Prayer Protocol," which everyone will participate in as soon as they receive their Prayer Partner assignments.

No Conference Call Protocol; In the event that the conference call portion of the program is not achievable or declined, prayer is to be done on a daily basis. This is a covenant promise that we make to each other by participating in the program. Each person has two fellow participants prayer forms (received by email within a week of submission), follow through on your commitment to pray for two minutes per day for each person with the information you have on the forms.  Feel free to email each other with any questions, updates and any explanations to help your partners understand what you've entered onto your prayer form.

Always keep in mind that God hears our prayer the first time we pray. I John 5:14-15. Once we pray, according to the Word, God has heard and has answered our prayer. Now each day we thank Him for the answer and speak the goal into existence. Roman 4:17.

As an example; David asked for the goal of 10 new accounts within the next 30 days. On day two of the prayer cycle, you would say something like; "Thank you God for David's 30 new accounts this month. In Jesus name, it is a done deal." Simple but extremely powerful and effective.

Each group will still have a moderator/coordinator who will have the responsibility to send out a weekly email or phone call to their two participants to encourage them in the process.