This 55 minute video is a great place to start in exploring the Business Breakthrough ministry as it is our first Monday of the month Introduction/Orientation webinar.

Teaching & Prayer (2nd Monday of Month)

 This 79 minute video is a bit over our normal time limit of one hour but for anyone considering getting started with this Business Breakthrough ministry it is a must watch video.

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Thank you for your interest in the Business Breakthrough Ministry. We are offering this free audio streaming or download of the first in David’s Business Breakthrough teaching series.
Our hope is that it will help you understand that it is God’s desire for you to prosper as a business person, and that it will give you insight on how to bring the wealth of the wicked into the Kingdom of God! If this first tape blesses you, you will undoubtedly enjoy the rest of the
14 CD “Business Breakthrough”series.

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Business Breakthrough is a ministry that brings serious powerful prayer support to the business person. Business Breakthrough provides effective tools, teaching, and organization methods to assist in operating the business in the supernatural. Business Breakthrough will help you reach a new level of success and fulfill God’s perfect will for your life.

Business Breakthrough has helped many business people increase their sales and profits. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’ve been in business a long time and doing well. Business Breakthrough can help you reach higher levels of success.

Business Breakthrough Series

Business Breakthrough Webinar Schedule

Unless otherwise noted all webinars begin at 8pm CST

September 2018

Week One – September 3rd

Business Breakthrough Introduction/Orientation

Week Two – September 3rd

Teaching Techniques and Prayer Submission

Week of September 17th Prayer Groups Meet on Free Conferencing

Week Three – September 17th

Business Opportunities

Guest Presenter Caren Knott – Gia Wellness Corporation

Health and wellness products with patented and scientifically

validated solutions that protect from wireless transmissions.

Week Four – September 24th

Business Development

Guest Presenter Raquel Soto – Life & Business Strategist

“How to Get Everything You Want”

September’s training will have the secret sauce on how to get everything you want by leveraging and making the most out of every relationship you have. Everything you want can be found in someone else and without high emotional intelligence you will struggle, hustle, and work overly hard causing you to actually slow down your progress instead of breaking through because you’re not tapping into flow. In a time where four generations are in the work environment or are your potential customers or clients, it’s imperative to know how to tap into their mindset and make that connection QUICKLY for win win scenarios. What you seek is seeking you but FIRST you must recognize who is in front of you and what their needs are. Raquel will reveal practical strategies that you can start using immediately that will feel like instant results. .