03-26-19 – Worship in Spirit and Truth

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Hi Jocelyne, Every Tuesday is special for different reasons, but tonight’s highlight, next to the Word, is the tangible anointing.  The appointed time we’re in (last week’s message), is unlike any other we’ve yet seen in the Kingdom of God. Unfortunately, so many are going to miss the full impact of this move due to issues of self, misplaced priorities and lack of sensitivity/obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit.As I was recording the message for tonight and speaking on the importance of selflessness, the anointing of God hit me in a powerful way. As we’ve experienced this in the past, somehow in God’s design of things the tangible presence of God comes across equally powerful in the digital recording. …

03-19-19 An Appointed Season of Greatness

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Hi Jocelyne, Tonight’s message if powerful, enlightening, encouraging and instructive in how to experience the fullness and greatness of the appointed time we’ve been chosen to experience.We are literally on the edge of the greatest move of God ever with more signs, wonders, miracles and supernatural demonstrations of the power of God. We need to be careful that we don’t miss it by pride, worldliness or an insensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit.In my 40 years of serving God and studying the supernatural, God has given me two significant visions. I shared one of those visions two weeks ago on spiritual breakthrough and in this message tonight I’ll be sharing the other which relates to worship and supernatural provision …

03-12-19 Apostle Navana Winston

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Seldom do I give such an endorsement and encouragement to listen to a message, but I promise you, this is one you definitely want to watch/listen.Over the last few weeks, I’ve been focusing on the importance of sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and then, obedience to do whatever He says. This last weekend Apostle Navana Winston was a guest at our Rockford and Milwaukee meetings. A completely unplanned event turned out to be an incredible work of the Holy Spirit.Apostle Navana has been a regular part of our ministry for the last couple of years, and has just returned from a five month tour in Africa. She was not scheduled to speak, but invited to just share …

03-07-19 Meetings in Illinois and Wisconsin

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Hi Jocelyne,Come if you can, it’s going to be a great time with other believers and the precious Holy Spirit. I’m a bit biased, but the Word and demonstration of the power of God is going to be awesome as well.As seen in the picture below our Milwaukee meeting is at a new location. Just is case the picture is missing.7 pm Thursday, March 7thHilton Garden Inn7675 Walton Street, Rockford, ILRockford, IL 7 pm Friday, March 8th9:30 am to 1 pm Saturday, March 9thCrimson Way Church14625 Watertown Plank RoadElm Grove, WI (Westside of Milwaukee)Blessings,David

03-05-19 – Sensitivity, problems and Character

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Tonight’s program is everything I had hoped it to be. I encourage you to watch it live with me at 8 pm CT on YouTube Premier or watch the replay but please watch it as it is a very timely message.At least four principles were running through my heart and mind, I knew each was important but how to get them into one cohesive message seemed a bit of a challenge. But thanks be to God, His anointing came through, and I’m quite confident this is a message that will bless, encourage and instruct.With YouTube Premier the video is prerecorded which is what I just finished editing. It is then uploaded to YouTube and put into the Premier format.With the …