9/5/18 Don’t Get Cold

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I was in a church. My mother in-law was there and was bundled up with blankets around her and a thick coat. A man in the same pew wanted to make sure she was warm and watched her. This is what the Lord told me: My mother in-law who lived to be 101-1/2 years old represents the old church. The man in the same pew is the current membership of the church. The Lord is telling us that the current members of the church will have a fire and zeal for the Lord to keep the church red hot for the Lord.  

10-14-18 Baskets of Blessings

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Baskets of Blessings I saw bright-colored hot air balloons in our yards.  They were landing in our yards.  They sat down gently.  Sitting up at first, then each one slowly tipped slightly.  Out of each basket flowed an array of blessings.  there was love, peace, joy, patience, gentleness, self-control, goodness, faithfulness, strength and refreshing.  This flowed like a river to wash over each of us.  then I heard the Lord say, “In the midst of the battle stand and see the salvation of the Lord.  You are My overcomers.  You are the righteousness of Father.  Don’t grow weary in well doing for you shall reap in due season.  As the end gets closer, you will fight bigger fights but I …

09-30-2018 – Blessings arrived

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Blessings Arrived I saw a rainbow of lights in the heavens.  Each star was a different color.  It was so festive.  The sky turned into ribbons of light as the stars seemed to pass over our heads.  You could really see the constellations as they glorified the story of Jesus.  I turned to go into the house and saw packages had been wrapped up with beautiful paper and bows.  They were left sitting on our porches.  We all got them.  I wondered how many will see them.  How many will receive what blessings the Lord has delivered.  He is able to to all this in an instant.  Many blessings are waiting to still be delivered.

09-23-2018 – Corn Harvest

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  Corn Harvest I saw corn being harvested.  The men were busy cutting the stalks and the truck behind and to the side followed with precision to catch all the kernels.  It reminded me of the Midwest – fall harvests.  Then I heard the Lord say, “This is the end of a season.  Yet in a few days preparation will start for the next planting.  In My Kingdom preparation is happening everyday.  Harvest is happening everyday.  In fact the day is at hand when the plowman will overtake the reaper.  Many are being prepared to be brought into My Kingdom.  From the very young to the mighty oaks.  I have plans for all life.  Some will answer My call and …

09-09-2018 – Reap Your Harvest

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I saw a warehouse filled with keys.  There were people organizing them as what would be sent out and the timing was of utmost importance.  This place covered miles of territory.  As I was watching all this take place, I was blessed to see how orderly it was.  Must be a lot like UPS, Fedex and USPS, I thought.  Then I heard Jesus say, “You will never loose your inheritance.  However, many never ask Me for it or call it to earth.  Many will get to heaven and see how much more could have been theirs.  Call forth what I have put on your hearts.  Call forth the desires I have put inside you.  The Kingdom advances because the violent …